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First Tutorial

For the first tutorial, we will create a script to send a mail with attachments.

Script Creation

To do that, we need to create a mail, choose which files we want to send,
add files to the mail and send it.

To create a new mail, select Mail >> New Mail Message in the action list.

When you have select it, drag & drop or double-click on it to add it in workspace.

The interface appears and you can fill it up.

If you press now, you can see an normal mail window opened and the script ending.

To finish the script, we need to add files to the mail and send it.

We will add Files & Folders >> Ask for Finder Items to choose which files we want to use,
Mail >> Add attachments to Front Message to attach files to the mail and
Mail >> Send Outgoing Messages to send the mail.

You can test your powerful script (per example to say me you have appreciated my work... or not!).


To save your masterpiece, click on File >> Save.

You can choose in the File Format menu if you want a Workflow or an Application.

Download Script

Last Updated: 6/12/09