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About Software Tester:

All softwares are untested under some platform.
For propose a more powerful software, I need to test them on platform which they are designed for.

About Testing:

The test of a software is really easy. Just download the software and to use it normally.
If the software quits or works not normally, I just need to know some basic informations to try to fix that.

How To Test:

I am looking for some platforms which I can't test my software.
If you can test on one of them, I will very glad if you test some softwares.
Just test and send me a little e-mail, I will be thankful.


Thank you very much again for your interest in the project.

Software State:

Mac OS 10.4 Mac OS 10.5 Mac OS 10.6 Power PC Intel 32 bits Intel 64 bits
JPEG Compressor
Screenshot Maker
Motion Stop!
Disc Eraser
not compatible untested works doesn't works

Last Updated: 30/1/10