title File Comparator Planning Blog

About Global Avancement:

File Comparator was created on a simple idea with a simple interface but there is some missing features that will be added more or less soon.
I'm working on another project but I will continue to provide update to File Comparator and others softwares.

About Version 1.1:

I'm currently working on this update.
This contains many improvements including the ability to compare:
- Image files (comparing size, device taken, GPS informations, etc.)
- Audio files (comparing format, duration, author, album, etc.)
- Movie files (comparing format, duration, etc)

And including too:
- A French translation for the entire application
- Improve stability of the application
- And other interesting stuff

About Crashs and Bugs:

All version are seriously tested on my (only) current Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Lion 10.7.4) and could be crash on another configuration.
If you encounter any crash or bug, please use the support page, this will be a great help for me


Thank you very much for your interest in the project, one more time!

Last Updated: 20/05/12