title Beta Version Softwares Blog

About Beta Version:

I can't actually test all my softwares on all platforms (harware and OS) and
I don't want people use no functionally software, so I will open a Beta Version page
with all untested softwares until they work correctly.
This duration in beta version depend on the number of tester want to help me.
Testing doesn't take a lot of time, neither required a lot of knowlegde,
just asking me the current beta version, and use it.
My beta versions provides a log file with error and I try to fix bugs with this log.

About Release Version:

After the beta state, softwares become released, in others work, tested.
From now on, new released version have a number version higher or equal to 1.0,
and can be downloaded on several website (Apple.com, MacUpdate ...).

Download Beta Version:

When I finish to develop a software, I put it on my server for download.
You can use it, at your own risk, or just wait the released version.


You will find the beta download webpage here

Last Updated: 05/03/10